Autumn Ellis

I began my painting journey five years ago but I've been one with the magic of creativity my entire 30 year's of life. Before painting I colored A LOT and spent my idle time with my head in sketchbooks doing fashion illustrations. When I first picked up a paint brush, I just wanted something new to indulge in, I had became very ill and was left unemployed, pregnant with my third daughter. Being pregnant and ill was very depressing and life altering, being a creative at heart I knew the only way through was by becoming newly inspired. I needed a new avenue! I started hoarding stretched canvas and acrylic paints, then I turned my every interest to YouTube and Pinterest; I am fully self taught. I credit Robyn Rihanna Fenty and Alexander McQueen as a couple of my major influencer's although I find most of my inspiration in nature and when watching children color and use their imagination's. I have heard people call my work many different things, I like to let it tell it's own story to the people and then enjoy how they receive it. Along with painting I like to dabble in fashion illustration, writing, photography and interior design.