About Culturalyst

Culturalyst is a software company based in New Orleans, LA, building digital infrastructure for local cultural ecosystems in order to:

  • Increase equity and exposure within and between cultural communities.
  • Empower artists, fans, and cultural cities with information tools to thrive in the digital age.
  • Connect the creators and consumers of local culture in direct, mutually-beneficial relationships.

Our Iconography

Communities are full of artists who create work that moves us - to resist, to remember, to feel, to open up. We designed this set of symbols in order to create a universal language that might facilitate more connections irl. Stickers are coming.

For Artists

We’ve designed Culturalyst in order to serve you.

Right now, here's what we provide (everything's free, always):

  • Listing in City Directory, filterable by Medium, Genre, and a series of other optional attributes (zipcode, race, gender, age, etc).
  • Artist Profile, including cover and profile photos, google-indexed artist statement, links to all existing online properties, and a full gallery of work (songs, images, video).
  • Direct financial support via Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, and Zelle right from your Artist Profile
  • Livestream Events through Facebook and include direct payment methods below the stream


Lousville, KY

Memphis, TN

Our Partners

We are honored to work in lock-step with local organizations that understand their communities, seek consistently to meet their needs, and work to build programs and partnerships that create new opportunities.

Our Story

Culturalyst started as an idea in 2015, became a prototype in 2016, and a scalable software solution in 2019. It has been built entirely without funding by a cast of people passionate about creating equity in local cultural economies.


  • Sam Bowler - Founder, Director
  • David Baker - Communications
  • Sol Galeano - Designer
  • Cliff Hall - CTO

Operation Spark Engineers & Early Believers

  • Nic Briere Aziz
  • Mykia Smith
  • Mary Scinto
  • Alon Robinson
  • Alice Green
  • Victor York-Carter
  • Ryan Bascle
  • Mykia Smith
  • Brian Kustra