About Culturalyst

Culturalyst provides a shared digital infrastructure to empower and connect cultural communities. We build and manage technology to create transparency and discoverability within and between cultural communities.


  • Artist & Organization Directory
  • Local, National, and International Opportunity Engine
  • Community-led Event Calendar
  • Cultural Data Dashboard

Our Vision

We're working to build a shared, global resource that democratizes cultural discovery and support and benefits every actor in a cultural ecosystem - artists, organizations, cultural consumers, and local municipalities.

For Artists

  • SEO-friendly profile in city artist directory.
  • Customized discovery of grants, residencies, gigs, open calls, etc.
  • Direct financial support via Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, and Zelle right from your Artist Profile
  • Publish events to community-led events calendar

For Arts Organizations

  • SEO-friendly profile in city organization directory.
  • Publish opportunities for grants, residences, etc locally, nationally, or internationally.
  • Publish events to community-led events calendar

For Lovers of Culture

  • Discovery of artists and orgs in your city + their events without clutter, ads, despair, or data mining.

Our Partners

Culturalyst is made possible in each community through a partnership with a leading cultural organizations or Arts Council. Culturalyst's Admin Dashboard empowers cultural leaders with data and tools to manage their cultural ecosystems.

Our U.S. Partners:


Greater Hartford

Greater New Haven


Louisiana Division of the Arts


Bayou Region

Louisiana, cont'd

Central Louisiana

New Orleans

Northeast Louisiana


Southwest Louisiana

St. Tammany/St. Bernard

Our European Communities:


Our Story

Culturalyst started as an idea in 2015, became a prototype in 2016, and a scalable software solution in 2019. It has been built entirely without funding by a cast of people passionate about creating equity in local cultural economies.


  • Aubrey Allison - Marketing & Community
  • Cliff Hall - CTO
  • David Baker - Communications
  • Emanuel Ashiedu - Software Development
  • Sam Bowler - Founder, Director

Operation Spark Engineers & Early Believers

  • Nic Briere Aziz
  • Mykia Smith
  • Mary Scinto
  • Alon Robinson
  • Alice Green
  • Victor York-Carter
  • Ryan Bascle
  • Mykia Smith
  • Brian Kustra