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Liz Richter

Liz Richter is an artist, muralist and illustrator living and working in Louisville, KY. She layers color, repetition and pattern with symbolism while contemplating the feminine and divine. Historical and cultural references permeate her narratives, allowing for a duality of personal identity and universal themes. Richter is primarily focused on painting and drawing, but also explores wearable art, printmaking and other mixed media. Murals grew from her painting and drawing practice, which is mostly self-taught. Her experience as an educator and illustrator, along with a preference to work outside of the traditional gallery setting, has led her to helping others tell their story through murals. In 2016, she expanded into larger public art projects, completing a 1300 sq. ft. mural in Hikes Point. She is one of only a handful of women in the Louisville area participating in the street art movement. Richter uses bright hues and patterns to connect to the everyday viewer. She is dedicated to mentorship of younger artists and apprentices, and actively seeks ways to include others in her work. She has said, "I just want to cover the whole world in so much color that you can't hear or think anything but positivity." Born in Paducah, KY and raised in rural Southeast Missouri, Richter moved back to Kentucky in 2009 and taught art for over six years before pursuing freelance opportunities as an artist. Richter has been commissioned for murals by corporations like Kroger Co. and Google Fiber, and collaborated with many nonprofits in Louisville, including Home of the Innocents, Louisville Visual Art, Speed Art Museum, Center for Neighborhoods, Kentucky School for the Blind, Fund for the Arts and Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. In 2019, she was selected as one of Louisville Public Library’s Collider Artist in Residence and commissioned by Louisville Metro to create two murals for the Smoketown Imagine 2020 Mural Festival. She was recognized by Louisville Visual Art as the Emerging Artist of 2020.