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John Faughender

Growing up in Shively, Kentucky; I attended traditional, "business prep" schools in the city. I have been a passionate artist practicing multiple disciplines since 2002. My work is a direct response to the world around me, more specifically the weathered, run down glimpses of our collapse in every day life. I am inspired by antique hand painted signs, advertising, and public conversation I overhear. I am heavily influenced by Basquiat, Duchamp, Rauchenburg, and Kruger. After spending time away from Louisville I got a clear picture of how artists need to be cultivated. Personally, I believe it starts young. This is why I also teach preschool art. I got my start very young and benefited from programs ran by LVAA. I hope that through my work with Elevator Artist Resource I can reach a highschool/college demographic to help push their dreams into sustainable modes of surviving in a capitalist world. Cultivating artists means supporting them emotionally and financially.