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Elizabeth Foley

We need a sense of hope and beauty, especially now. I want my art to uplift as art does in its traditional construct. I am in search of a meditative moment: to feel inner calm and renewed positive energy. When visualizing calm, I see different colors floating in and around; shifting and morphing into different shapes. To me those shapes are energy: positive, nurturing energy. The circle is a resolved but potentially irregular shape, representing wholeness, focus, and authenticity. In my process I want to experience that focus and authenticity. Rather than print editions I use relief, monoprint, and collagraph techniques together to make unique images from the same plates - a potential template for life balance. I think of the plates as my visual vocabulary and vary plate order, orientation, and color transparency to create altered states of an idea. Working in this manner reflects my thought process: a stream of consciousness and an embrace of chance. Being in the studio and making decisions through the act of printing is critical to the resolution of the image. In this manner, making the work becomes a meditation in and of itself. I earned a BFA in graphic design from Washington University and an MFA in printmaking and M.ED in secondary education at Ohio University. I was in the first cohort of Hadley Creatives; received a 2020 KFW Artist Enrichment Grant and am a member of the West Louisville Women’s Collaborative.