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Traci Canterbury

Creative Expressionist with a keeping it real attitude. Author. Artist. Blogger… lover of simple-beautiful living. I am Traci Canterbury, a writer, painter, recovering accountant, wife, mother, and friend. THE PERSON: I grew up in the small town of Winnfield, Louisiana, the eldest of three children. From an early age I was tenacious and curious with a love for creative writing and the arts. I wanted to pursue a fine arts degree, but my father was adamant that 'arts were hobbies, not careers'. So, at his persuasion, I earned an accounting degree with concentrations in corporate finance and economics. I am at a stage in my life where I want simplicity, something I think is scarce in our society. As I navigate this new lifestyle, I’ve vowed to find and appreciate simple joy in everyday life in and through the things I love: art, literature, gardening, hospitality, healthy active lifestyle and travel. THE ARTIST: For me creative expression is about feeling the colors and using them to speak a language that comes out in a form of art. Abstract expression allows for the viewer to see what they want to see in my creations. Most of my pieces are mixed mediums with a little ink, sometimes a texture and the occasional oil. I strive to make each piece unique. My hope is that my expressionism stimulates one’s emotions and senses. I strive to make each piece unique and therefore, I experiment a lot! I was inspired at an early age when visiting a Claude Monet exhibit in New Orleans where I literally fell in love with art. The master Impressionists and post-impressionists, notably Monet, Matisse and van Gogh are my inspiration. I have two Monet and two van Gogh reproductions in my personal collection. I love the use of vibrant colors and the abstract nature of subjects by the impressionists. I tend to incorporate their use of bold colors and dramatic brushwork in my pieces. THE WRITER: In 2006 at the encouragement of my two eldest sons, I embarked upon my first novel: Eleven Year Secret. It was a collaboration that developed in the car on the drive from school each afternoon. I would ask what would happen in the adventure of Bain Breez and they would come up with brilliant stories about dragons and spaceships. I just desired to write a series that children could read that provided encouragement and acceptance without the violence they are exposed to in our world. I found it a difficult task; creating something thrilling without adult-themes is hard to sell in this day, even to children. A sequel manuscript was written shortly after the release of the first book, but I elected not to publish at that time. Additionally, I have multiple manuscripts about a young female who joined the military to find herself on the American-Mexican border in the middle of a cartel war, and several works in outline form.