Tammy Matthews

I was born in Claiborne Parish; I grew up in Caddo Parish; and I am a graduate of Louisiana Tech (1970, BFA). I have lived in Monroe for over 45 years where I freelanced for 25 years and then worked on the brand team at CenturyLInk/Lumen, where I recently retired after 22 years. My life-long interests have included about anything I can do or make with my hands. At an early age I drew. Around nine I started watercolor, under Anna Beatrice Tipler, a wonderful Southwest desert landscape artist and member of the Hemet, CA artist colony. Then I studied pastels and oils under Mrs Edith Wharton of Haynesville, LA. But my art education began in earnest under an amazing art teacher named Don Thornton (also a LA Tech grad), who exposed his students at North Caddo High School to as many genres of art as he possibly could. And all of that has pretty much stuck with me, and I'm continually learning new things as well. In the NELA area, a great source of inspiration for making and creating has been the folks I've rubbed elbows with at Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge, LA. A current interest I have is based off my belief that our Creator allowed some of his creativity to "trickle down" to those he created, and I like to work with those marginalized in our society to first, be their friend, and second, expose them to art and encourage their God given talents, whatever they might be.