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Sam Bowler


Samuel Bowler is a writer, sculptor, and technologist based in New Orleans, LA. His work is focused on building emotionally-responsible, place-based technology that creates opportunities for equity, community, and art therapy. To that end, Sam founded Culturalyst, an online platform designed to make it easy to discover and directly support local artists and culture bearers. Culturalyst’s vision to enable the creators of local culture to be equitably compensated for their vision is to create a global network of cities, each with their own digital infrastructure designed for the exclusive purpose of encouraging artistic expression, community collaboration. Sam has worked at Google, General Electric, as a 7th grade writing teacher, and as the E.D. of a non-profit, which he founded while attending Duke University. He cares about justice and in its pursuit, ensuring people have a release for their emotion. His experience has taught him that art is good for that.