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Instagram @rapoet - + - * - + - First discovered and introduced to crowds by the Hip-Hop icon Talib Kweli, Khaiim the RapOet has lectured on Creativity & Culture at Trinity, Yale, and other institutions interested in breaking writer's block, as well as stage fright. Before the COVID pandemic, his fans loved to catch him diving off stages, performing internationally with everyone from Pulitzer Prize poets like Alice Walker to Grammy winning MCs like Common. - + - * - + - Hip-Hop heads know him as Self Suffice, the charismatic lyricist whose album with Dreamville's(J. Cole) Mez Davis summited the Indie Hip-Hop Top 40. His positive use of rap music has been recognized by Obama's White House, the NY Times, NPR, and others. He continually perfects his craft, and has received certificates from the Kennedy Center, NVC, and the Ct Center for (Kingian) Nonviolence, to name a few. - + - * - + - Self Suffice currently has 5 songs in Spotify's Top 10% Most Played, is 1 of the first Free Center BIPOC grant recipients, and is currently serving his 1st year as the inaugural Troubadour of Hartford, CT which also makes him the U.S.A.'s first Hip-Hop Troubadour. You can find his Make It Full Time program on instagram at @MIFTkhaiim, where he provides career guidance & support for professional artists.