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Popcorn Hoe

UNAPOLOGETIC FASHION. Handmade clothes for real people; redefining the way that fashion can feel. Unisex apparel for the grindin’ by day flossy by night type hoe. So come get yo pH right. The unisex and body positive intent of the apparel highlights the mission to reclaim the derogatory nature of calling a woman or man a hoe. Focusing on the variety of human body types, our styles can be mixed and matched for any occasion. Our Airport Couture aesthetic represents the “grindin’ by day, flossin’ by night type hoes” mentality. But Popcorn Hoe is more than just apparel; it is a collaborative, multi-level experience designed as a platform for our squad to show off their unique talents, as well as promote their distinctive design. With the inclusion of design, performance, and event production, Popcorn Hoe Apparel has fostered a full spectrum, talented team of “hoe-llaborators”. Each member is driven by the desire to empower people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to love themselves, and to pursue their passions. We hope you will join us in creating this HOE NEW WORLD.