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Paul Athol

Painting since he received an arts and crafts kit from his mother on his eighth birthday, Paul Athol Lewis’s artistic inclinations might be what one would call innate. Coming a long way from that curious kid wielding his first paint brush, Paul attended the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh before eventually finding his way to the south and setting up shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by the works of other artists and the melodies in music, Paul’s portfolio contains an array of modern, urban, and illustrative art. He requires that all his work demonstrate a clean design, and this unique style has made him a top choice for among art collectors and enthusiasts. Paul’s art can be found in the form of murals (in residences and on street corners,) on passerby hats, on walls at clubs, as tattoos, in books, and much more. Paul is also a graphic designer and produces beats. “I want to inspire thought and invoke emotion. People often ask me, ‘What does it mean?’ I try and encourage them to find their own meaning.”