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Michele Olinde

I am primarily a mixed media artist and drawing is what I prefer over painting; but, I don't think you can limit me with only one art medium. When I'm drawing or painting, I try to capture excitement in my subject; but equally important is the effect of natural light or the light source on my subject. A new project will drive me to try new techniques. Many of my early sketches on a project involve mapping out the path of light on my subject. I prefer ink drawing by itself, but through years of practice, I've really developed a love for Prismacolor pencils and using a variety of art techniques to make them blend effortlessly. That's something I can proudly say I have mastered and I love the color variety in the medium. Most people see me as primarily an art educator but my major at NLU was advertising design with specialized training in drawing as well. My masters is in education and I’ve spent 30 of my years at West Ouachita High School in Ouachita Parish. I have taught Art I-4, digital art, talented art , U.S. History and World Geography. The history classes were taught in my first year at the school. I currently have work on display of my youngest son, Michael in West Monroe. He was very active and I always tried out projects at home before introducing them to my students. He was my subject for a unit on foreshortening. Michael literally crawled toward me on the floor and that pic sparked my next creative endeavor with acrylic and prismacolor. “Mom, Can You See Me Now? is a mixed media art work. I worked the background totally in acrylic with prismacolor lines breaking up the solidness of the blue. Michael’s hands are based in acrylic paint with prismacolor detailing. I love working ink on wood and adding color with watercolor and prismacolor. I am an artist that loves a challenge and this is one work that shows I will try what works for the artistic goal. Michele Whitley Olinde