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Nate “Suave” Cameron Jr.

Music has always been synonymous with community for New Orleans native Nathaniel “Suave” Cameron, Jr. From honing his vocal talents amongst church family as an 8-year-old choir member to earning his place in a historic brotherhood connecting lauded musicians like Jon Batiste, Trombone Shorty, and Terrance Blanchard as a section leader of the St. Augustine Marching 100, the privilege of creating music has always provided Nate with a close-knit group of artists who inspired, educated, and protected each other. Even now, in his role as tour and production manager for Tank and the Bangas, Grammy-nominated winners of the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest and longtime members of Nate’s musical family, his greatest joy is in the moments when they explore the depth of connection music facilitates across country borders and language barriers. Nate takes on his duties as a cultural curator with pride. His commitment to collecting, documenting, sharing, and creating history through music underscores the work he does in artist advocacy and empowerment, economic development, and event production. Doing his part to sustainably grow both the talent and the environment necessary for artists to support themselves creatively is his life’s work. In partnership with his wife, Krystle Sims-Cameron, Nate co-founded Them People Productions, an organization that provides artist support services and produces Black artist-centric events designed to strengthen community ties and promote cultural healing. As the director of Ropeadope Record’s new Artist Advocacy Group, he empowers modern music makers to connect with talent brokers and venues worldwide so they can build and maintain a fan-based communities across the globe. As founder of The Oakland Second Line Project, Nate brings free cultural community experiences that brings the authentic African roots of Second Line History and spirit of community building from New Orleans to POC communities of Oakland, Ca. And, most recently, having returned to his hometown after nearly a decade of immersing in, learning from, and supporting artist communities throughout the country and abroad, Nate has begun a new chapter of mentoring and preparing local creators to take advantage of the economic frameworks he’s concurrently helping to develop. Nate’s personal and professional experiences have proven to him that the connections made and sustained by shared artistic expression are essential to vulnerable communities. These experiences have also equipped him with a unique skillset, one that he has dedicated to a collaboration between artistry and entrepreneurship that will support generational healing and wealth. Get in touch with Nate to set up a consultation!