Morgan Lasyone

Hello everyone, My name is Morgan Lasyone and I am a Central Louisiana artist. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but raised all over Louisiana. My mother and I first lived in Monroe with my Grandmother Mary in a small apartment close to ULM’s campus. Then, when my mother married, we moved out to Elmer, Louisiana. Elmer is a small country town with not a lot of options for grocery shopping/hobbies, so I spent many weekends in Alexandria, Colfax, and Natchitoches at my Great Grandparents home. I attended Oak Hill High School, graduated from there in 2009, and the summer before college started, I lived and worked with my Aunt in San Diego, CA. When I returned home for the Fall semester at NSU in Natchitoches, Louisiana, I worked as a waitress and a bartender in the Historic District. I attended NSU on and off for 5 years, first in Journalism & English and lastly in Studio Art with a minor in Travel & Tourism. As far as my journey in the arts go, I have been painting since I was little girl. When I turned 19, I began painting as a side gig to help me afford college. First, I took on commissions for coworkers for birthdays, Christmas presents, etc. My first commissioned piece of art was booked by my late friend, Bradford Flynn of Natchitoches. I sold that painting for $35 and that sale gave me the confidence to pursue the arts as a full time career. I have since then, been a part of the arts community in Natchitoches and Alexandria, Louisiana for the past 10+years. I have taught children’s art camps at The Alexandria Museum of Art, River Oaks Square Art Center, and The T.R.E.E House Children’s Museum. I have showcased my personal art work all over Louisiana and in Brooklyn, NY. My art has found many homes throughout the United States & Europe. Since August of 2018, I have been a member and Artist In Residence at River Oaks Square Arts Center in downtown Alexandria, Louisiana. And last but not least, I am a new mom to a wild and wonderful little girl, and I am honored to be able to raise my daughter within the creative community of Central Louisiana.