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Maudie Bryant

Shreveport-based Maudie Bryant is a multidisciplinary artist who navigates the realms of both visual art and creative writing. Maudie's poems explore the depths of human experience, themes that often find echoes in the symbolism and imagery of her paintings. This passion for emotional exploration extends to her visual art, where she uses a diverse palette – painting, drawing, and digital illustration – to translate moods into tangible forms.

Artist Statement: I am a creator. I love to make things. Anything. My passion encompasses a wide spectrum of mediums and subjects, driven by a fascination with the human condition and the natural world. Both my visual art and writing invite viewers and readers to look within. To stop and take a break. Through harmonious color combinations and intricate patterns, my paintings offer a sense of tranquility. My poems, on the other hand, survey the disquiet and yearning that often lurk beneath the surface of human experience. Ultimately, both mediums seek to prompt contemplation about the delicate balance between our inner selves and the environment that surrounds us.


Lamentation: Courtesy Of Google Earth

"In the Lamplight" and Selected Poems