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Mary Scinto

Mary T. Scinto, Irish Italian American, b. 1988 Connecticut// A New Orleans based multidisciplinary artist, observer, and thinker. She recently recovered her artistic identity in the Winter of 2020 after enduring a traumatic life experience and suffering great personal loss. Mary turned to painting, knowing it as the place where she once found the most solace and inspiration in life- creating art. Influenced by a life long love of art, her current work spans multiple mediums, with a strong focus on abstract painting. Receiving a degree in Philosophy and Neuroscience from Boston College followed by a two year post baccalaureate study of natural science in pursuit of a medical degree. She has a long history as a student in debt attending universities in Boston, Honolulu, Washington D.C., and New Orleans. Mary studied painting and drawing briefly as an undergraduate briefly, and is back in the studio art classroom to expand her knowledge while embarking on her next chapter as a professional artist. With nearly a decade-long hiatus from the easel, she’s returned to embark on what we hope, because after all, how can we ever really be certain, a lifelong creative journey. It is her diverse education mirroring diverse life experiences that serve as the inspiration for her work- all linked through a deep desire to question- to reach a greater understanding of our place in the world and connection between each other. Motivated by those who distill the human condition, exemplifying truth, compassion, resilience as the greatest assets to the individual, and humanity, her work explores the relationships between finding purpose in a capitalist society, the impact of technology on the psyche, the power of altruism, and the role of our ancestors in the development of identity, from a personal and global perspective. The first words Mary painted as she crossed the threshold to life as an artist: “Stop Dying, You are Alive”. Recently published in Antenna Works Signals magazine sharing her journey as an artist emerging amidst a global pandemic. To read her story: Emerging Virus, Emerging Artist