Terri L Febuary

A playwright with special emphasis on historical plays and monologues. I have written a series of cemetery monologues for the historic Mt. Olivet Chapel in Pineville, Louisiana. A history dinner theatre for Tyrone Plantation in Alexandria, Louisiana. Compiled and wrote a script of interviews taken from the Library of Congress from former slaves, for a reading, "Before the Freedom". That was performed at Tyrone Plantation for two years as part of the Civil War remembrance in 2012 & 2013. The beginning of all the historical playwritings began with the challenge to write a play for the Alexandria, Louisiana Bicentennial. I was asked by a committee of local historians in 2006 and would begin performing in 2007 and again in 2008. Thus, "Village on the Red", was researched, written, and produced for the community. I have been involved with local community theatre since 1996, first with City Park Players and then with Spectral Sisters, 10 Minute Plays Festivals, where I was honored to be a founding board member and playwright. Playwriting local history is not the only area of writing for me. I keep a journal ( of sorts) and when the muse hits, I write a little poetry. (Who doesn't?) I have a large number of scripts under my belt and a couple of them have been published. I was honored to be selected by the International Women Playwrights to bring my play, "PIKE" to the Dramatist''s Guild on Broadway in NYC to be read for the International Women's Artist Month in March 2008. At the same time, the play, "Campus Soup", had been accepted at a theatre in Arizona for a Women's reading there. I had a chance to fly to Los Angeles for the dinner theatre production of my play, "Whispers". My writing took a brief nap recently, but I have again been challenged to write a bit of history for what I call my, "Stories for the Stage".



Murder on Main Street/Walker,McManus