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jose cotto

i was talking to melissa about archives and how there’s a lot of images i’ve never really sat with. they were taken and now they sit — dormant, not seen by anyone. she asked if they truly exists if nobody ever sees them? if artwork that is made and not enjoyed is valid? real? important? my quick gut reaction was “of course.” the images exist because they have already served a purpose — something moved me to pull the trigger. all the photos i take, first and foremost, fulfill a purpose within me; they teach me something. what they do and mean for others after/behind the moment they are created is irrelevant in a lot of ways. now, don’t get me wrong, i certainly understand the value images and artwork can have on others; it is why i have a practice that cultivates conduits to deliver content to those around me — but those pipelines are not the dream. the dream is truly to better understand self. better understand life and change. better understand connection and purpose. better understand time and death. to see a fuller image of myself — one that embodies all the moments, places, and people that i’ve been able to share the journey with. >> i am a photographer, designer, educator, and son — in no particular order, but always in orbit of the understanding of people, places, and time.