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"Grandmafun is a classy lady from the islands with Bettie Page charms and Beyonce booty shaking moves that will make you swoon. She brings wonderment and surprise with her mix of hip-hop and classic soul while looking like she stepped out of a Gauguin painting and straight in to a technicolor film. You’ll never look at your grandma the same way again…" She has been in the New York burlesque scene since 2008 and her humble beginnings started at Kitty Nights burlesque. She can be seen all throughout NYC including the Slipper Room, Parkside Lounge, Coney Island, and R Bar just to name a few. She competed in Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2011 with the troupe Brown Girls Burlesque in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then has been trailblazing on her own up and down the east coast including New Jersey, Philadelphia, and D.C. Now relocating to New Orleans, she is the producer and founder of Dreamland Burlesque! and can be found shimmying at Big Deal Burlesque, Burlesque Ballroom, Bluestockings Burlesque, Whiskey & Rhinestones and Allways Lounge! Her burlesque acts comprise of social political commentary, satire of pop culture, and emotionally charged performance art whether it is in classic or neo-burlesque form. She is heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups, soul/funk, blues, brass bands, bossanova and hip-hop. her style is often eclectic all the while charming the audiences with her wit, silliness, and sass.