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Ayanna Molina

Mama: Ayanna Marica Molina, affectionately known as ‘Mama Fiyah', is a mother of five healthy and wonderful children. She is Mama to many more children and young adults who she supports in so many different ways and loves dearly. Artist: As a creative spoken word/hip hop artist and performer, Ayanna is known as fiyah like ayanna. Raised in the arms of New Orleans, Ayanna's vibe is an eclectic mix of spoken word and Hip Hop. Her work is dedicated to uplifting women and using Hip Hop as a tool to teach young people. She has performed in venues across the country...New York (Nuyurican), Atlanta (Women Who Jam) and Houston (Blackout Arts Collective). Ayanna’s project includes her debut album, "Uplift Yo' Self", followed by "InteGRITTY: The Mixtape". Her second album, “Late Bloomer” is highly anticipated and coming soon! Stay tuned in for details of performances, an album release party and video releases. Visit to keep in touch! Teacher: Ayanna is the self-published author of 2 books: Run Away Girl and Keep it High: Thoughts in a New Light. As a co-host of The True Love Movement Hour on WBOK 1230 AM, Ayanna provides weekly analyses on mental health & wellness, with the consistent message that Black Mental Wellness must be prioritized. Ayanna is unapologetically focused on the healing of Black people specifically, and her work remains rooted in the education and mobilization of Black women to gain a sense of their true power. Healer: Ayanna is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner and founder of True Love Movement, LLC. The mission of True Love Movement is to support the rehumanization of Black people, specifically. In order to achieve optimal mental health & wellbeing, True Love Movement provides Professional Counseling, Life Coaching, education, community organizing and produces creative arts & media, all of which promote self-awareness and self-love. Mama. Artist. Teacher. Healer. Ayanna Molina does the M.A.T.H.! Email Ayanna Molina for booking at