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Cammy White

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Cammy White (she/her/hers) is a New Orleans based multimedia artist, curator, and program assistant with a BA in Visual Art/Art History from Dillard University. My practice revolves around giving marginalized groups a platform, making intellectual spaces museum more inclusive and accessible. Some of my influences include Thelma Golden, Kimberly Drew, Grace Wales Bonner, and my now boss Gia Hamilton. These women showed me firsthand, how to insert yourself into these white spaces and to rightfully take your seat at the table by uplifting the Black community financially, intellectually, and conceptually. They also showed me how to intersect personal interest in art history. I plan to insert the conversation of fashion, history, art, and sustainability using museums and galleries as my platform to communicate and promote the importance of preservation in the Black community. While also, giving Black and non-Black POCs fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to discussions about innovation in fashion and the Arts. Work featured in: Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans African American Museum, University of Louisiana Lafayette, Dillard University