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Brooklyn born, New Orleans based rapper and songwriter, Cavalier has been steadily establishing himself as a prolific recording artist and is best known for his poignant observational lyricism, engrossing multi-media albums and evocative performance. After chiseling away through headier cult corners of the NY Hip-Hop scene Cavalier was recognized for his memorable co-pilot to Quelle Chris’ Mello Music release, Ni**as Is Men. The critically acclaimed LP was heralded for its wide ranging commentary and cohesive sound. In 2015 HipHopDX deemed it one of “The 25 Most Important Mixtapes Of The Decade So Far”. Fresh off of the release of his collaborative work, Cav released his first formal full length, Chief. Shining a contemporary light on urban and indigenous themes Chief features Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon along with production from Ohbliv and Tall Black Guy while solidifying Cav’s frequent collaborative relationship with Quelle Chris and singer/producer Iman Omari. Fresh from premiering Chief live on Boiler Room TV with his cohorts, Cav joined Iman Omari’s Vibe Music Collective for his next 2 releases. Cavalier and Iman Omari launched their synergetic Hip-Hop workings and Vibe Music Collective’s first release with The Lemonade EP during the duo’s initial relocation to New Orleans. The heavy, mood driven EP pushed through to fans lauding their winning combination of introspective bars and intoxicating production. The project set the tone for upcoming releases on the imprint while its songs were featured on OkayPlayer, Solange’s Saint Heron, Bandcamp, and XXL. In 2018 Cavalier released his highly anticipated follow-up Private Stock again with Iman Omari at the helms for the bulk of the production. The full length album expanded their musical offerings while imploring beautiful contributions from the likes of Quelle Chris and Georgia Anne Muldrow. Tapping relevant nerves with the masses, Private Stock waxed poetically on the richness and trauma of the American Black experience. Its striking docu-narrative visuals continued where Lemonade EP left off forming an illuminating and dream-like accompaniment to the weighted motifs and messages of the music. Debuting with uniquely high critical favor with reviews from Pitchfork, Vibe Magazine, Bandcamp Daily and The Wire Magazine, Private Stock has been making a strong case for one of the preeminent Hip-Hop albums of the year.