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Cassey Bernstein

Cassey Bernstein is a Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager for Berry Global in Monroe, LA. Well, at least that's what pays the bills. It's hard to define what makes Cassey, the person. She is made of all kinds of bits: actress, costumer, leather crafter, baker, Best Auntie Ever, quilter, competition shooter, fly-fisher, racecar driver, magical wife, and toxicologist. She has performed for almost 2 decade with ULM, Murder Is Served, and Strauss. She is the current costume coordinator for Strauss Theater in Monroe. She has 20+ years of costuming and cosplay experience. She has chaired the production committee for Strauss for the last 2 seasons, and is a current member of their board of directors. Needless to say, she's a busy girl.