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Attakapas Collective

 Cultural Marketplace

Attakapas Collective is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) owned and managed co-op marketplace which encourages the collaboration of local crafts makers and cultural artisans of Louisiana. The mission of the collective is to celebrate Louisiana history, and enhance the quality of life of its people through the preservation, and presentation of the area's cultural and natural resources. In the spirit of trade demonstrated by the early native peoples, Atakapas-Ishak tribe this present-day trading post serves as a meeting place of ideas, creativity, collaboration and commerce; just as the original Poste des Attakapas Outpost served as a "meeting of minds" for peoples of all nations. Attakapas Collective is run by curator Erica Fox and consists of several multi-cultural artisans’ work including jewelry, art, apparel and more. The gallery-style showroom is located along the Atakapa-Ishak TRAIL in Downtown Lafayette, 100 E Vermilion Street, Suite 170 Lafayette, LA 70501