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Leia (Queen Leia) Lewis

PEACE. I believe that the Artist lives within every person! The Artist feels and expresses deeply. The Artist cultivates their capacity to see into the past, imagine the future, and create reality. The power of CREATING is a birthright. It is an origInal gift of consciousness that connects us to source, the universe, god and goddess, vast dimensions of time/space/energy, divine mystery. For me to BE, live fully, and thrive as the Artist, I am choosing to channel truthfulness, beauty, passion, courage, rebellion, vulnerability, patience, temperance, trust and confidence! Paramount among the virtues and ethics that I intentionally embody are INTEGRITY, JOY, WEALTH, and GRATITUDE! With everything that I create, I pray to emanate goodness and for my Ancestors to be pleased. It is important for me to create Art that honors my family, celebrates community, and uplifts humanity. When expressing mySelf through visual art, song, writing, speaking, and Louisiana cultural traditions, I am carrying forward the wisdom, knowledge, voices, and vital heritage of African Indigenous people. I am Queen Leia Lewis, Iya Oriade Efunymeni - also known as The Sankofa Lady. I am a deeply rooted Louisiana Woman who is an Artist, Cultural Worker, Educator, and Entrepreneur. My joy is creating art and designs, sacred spaces, and immersive experiences affirming the heritage, wisdom, stories, and aesthetics of Black Folk. I am fulfilling my creative purpose through several original brands: Art by Oriade, Queen Leia Music, Beautiful and Sacred Things, Free to Soar Academy, and Sankofa Gardens Shreveport. To learn more and better connect, you may contact me. VIEW MY ARTS CV ON GOOGLE DRIVE: