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Akendor Rodneka

Akendor, a New Orleans native born as Rodneka Shelbia is a song writer and conduit who sings the songs she writes. Much like her resilient and spiritual city turns a funeral into a second line, Akendor has focused her energies on appreciating the lessons learned of her traumatic and pleasant or miraculous experiences. She attracts the audience of those whom had similar experiences and share her healing art of song as a vibration-made gateway for them to freely express their stories of trauma and pleasure. She listens, and calls this Akendor’s Hoop: the circle where people can be who they are on the inside as the name Akendor is literally the inverse of Rodneka. Akendor loves what she does as an artist and does not take credit for sharing the right songs at the right time. “Sanging my stories is my healing, people telling their stories has got to be something good for them....The Ancestors speak thru me, and this is what we do”. The messages are the center of Akendor’s work so they come from various genres and eras and is not limited to Song. She is most affectionately known for the mantra like choruses of her songs, “I Am The Prize” and “I’m So Thankful”.