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Air-Cool Jenny (Kramer & Helen)

Air-Cool Jenny is comprised of Helen Rose and Kramer Sanguinetti. It was the trick of a warm late summer’s eve that Kramer and Helen first played music together well into the wee hours of the morning. They now live in the great city of New Orleans, finding joy frolicking with the creative spirits of the swamp.    Helen's dynamic and powerful voice mixed with Kramer's golden-toned tenor creates an incomparable blend conveying heartfelt emotions to philosophical musings. Their harmonies reflect their shared experience -- finding truth in song as young human beings. As adults they share the universal language of music deeply. Inspired by Appalachian folk music, blues, country, jazz and funk, Air-Cool Jenny has an extraordinary sound of its own. Songs composed by this duo explore the wonders of the world through deep reflection and poetry born from real life events.