Benicia King

Raised in Grambling, LA, Benicia King has studied photography in Seattle, WA (Art Institute of Seattle & SCCC), Los Angeles, CA (USC) and completed her Bachelor’s in Digital Art from Grambling State University. King’s lens-based work primarily revolves around her melanin community. Her methods include conceptualizing in the studio, environmentally in one’s element, or capturing in the moment experiences. Benicia has also gained photography experience working within the fashion industry with modeling agencies and various events from fashion shows, parties, and celebrity events. This also includes working with marketing companies abroad in Milano and Sicilia. In conjunction with her fine art career, Benicia created a business called 9efer, in which she combines all of her artistic practices with business development as one needs the other to sustain. Whether that be from designing products, packaging, and labeling or through social media content. In all, with her commercial and fine art experience working congruently, Benicia’s work provides a unique and complex perspective to viewers.